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Benet Family • Satellite Beach There is so much to love about capturing this family. Of everything I love, what I have loved most over the last few years has been watching these two sweet boys grow their sibling relationship and into their own little people.

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What to Wear Guide We love seeing what clients show up in for pictures. It's always so fun to see how their personalities come out in their outfits! 

After several requests, we've put together a blog post of "What to Wear" to your photo session. It is written from our own person perspectives and experiences. Our goal is to be helpful for you when you are trying to decide what to wear for your next session!

Dress Confidently: I absolutely adore this look, but what makes the look so gorgeous is the woman wearing it. This isn't an outfit you wouldn't find her in any other time. She wears heels regularly, so she was completely comfortable in them during the session, even in the sand and soft grass. She picked an outfit that she felt comfortable AND confident in. When picking an outfit for your session, pick shoes and clothes you know you will feel confident in!

Patterns: There are many ways to make patterns work. If you decide to incorporate patterns, pick one person to wear a pattern. Dress everyone else in complimentary solids.

Or don't afraid to mix prints, styles, and textures. Consider a dress with polka dots with a denim jacket and a striped top on someone else. You can inspirit a solid dress with textured tights or enhance a solid, plain t-shirt with colored or patterned suspenders (suspenders are ALWAYS a yes in my book).  From there, you could mix styles. As you begin to mix pieces, you can express the varying personalities of each family member. Let your photos express those personalities you'll forever want to remember.

Avoid Greens: If your session is outside near trees or vibrant green grass (like most of Florida), avoid wearing greens. Choose colors that will stand out against your green background. 

Think about your setting: For a family session, think about where you will be taking your photos. If you're at a park or in the woods, chances are you will be sitting down during part of the session. Wearing a formal gown may not be as appropriate in this setting as a pair of skinny jeans and a nice top. Your children may be more comfortable running around in flats rather than flip flops that fall off easily. If you're taking pictures downtown, you may choose to dress a bit more dressy-casual.

Primary Colors: I love a good primary color combination. A mix of blues, reds, and yellows look classic and timeless. We recently took family photos with a local photographer and stuck to this color scheme. I'm super pleased with how the colors look together.

Photo credit: Amanda McMahon Photography

Most importantly, have fun with it! These are YOUR family photos!


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Sturges Wedding • Viera, Fl

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Flores Family • Alpine Groves Park Utterly adorable and so full of joyful love. We've been sharing life with these friends for 9 year and I've loved every second, but my favorite has been sharing our journeys of marriage and parenthood with one another. I learn something from their love every time we are together.

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Bell Family • Pregnancy Announcement My person. My best friend of 19 years is adding another tiny person to their family and my heart is exploding with joy for them. I get another niece or nephew, y'all! And that sweet little face you see, she's going to make a lovely big sister!

We spent a few days together in Gainesville and I got to get their gorgeous faces in front of my camera for a quick pregnancy announcement shoot. I'm in love!

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Piland Family • Viera, Fl This sweet family. There was so much joy. I've never captured a happier baby. He was all smiles with super delicious cheeks.


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Wind Family • Melbourne Field I keep reliving every moment of this session. I honestly cannot get enough of it.

The people. The smiles. The sunset. The attire. The entire session was perfect.

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Drummond Family • Turkey Creek There is ALWAYS something magical about every session I do with this gorgeous family.

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Benet Family • Pineapple Park The sweetest part of this session? Dad had been traveling and this was the first they had seen each other since his return. I LOVE the raw and real excitement of being back together and the sweetness shared between this darling family.

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Newborn Lifestyle • Melbourne There is nothing sweeter to me than being invited into a family's home so soon after they've welcomed a tiny love into their lives. The process of adjusting to life with another little person is raw and who we choose to share those moments with matter. I always spend time in prayer before walking into that sacred space, asking for peace in my voice and calm in my movements so as to respect each person and the place their hearts and minds may be while I am present. I am thankful to this precious family for allowing me into their space and trusting me to capture their moments with their newest babe. Congratulations, Geuther Family.

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Melbourne Family • Viera, Fl Be prepared. The sweet baby blues in this session will slay you!


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Charleston 2017 We absolutely loved our time in the dreamy city of Charleston. The art, the views, the greenery, the vibe, the incredible amount of history, the architecture, the people. It was all so much more than we imagined it would be. Here are a few shots from our trip that highlight our favorite parts of the city.

Stunning horses paraded the city throughout the day. Meet Bill.

Rainbow Row is a must see. These homes originally served as a commerce center to serve the wharfs and docks of Charleston. 

This gorgeous drive leads to and from the famous, historical Boone Plantation, which is also a definite must-see. Boone Plantation is situated just across the Cooper River in Mount Pleasant. Just a 20 minute drive from the city and every bit worth it. 

Boone Plantation

In 1886, an earthquake hit Charleston and caused a 4 degree tilt east (right in this photo) to this church. 

Welkin Coffee was delectable.

Robert Lange Studios is located on Queen St. It is absolutely worth popping in. I mean, there's a swing inside! So fun. Also, as soon as we walked in, this sweet little artist was handed a "junior artist" notepad to draw in while we perused. We totally felt welcomed in this gallery, even with our two busy babes.

And food. 82 Queen was hands down our favorite restaurant. We stopped in for lunch and the entire experience was enjoyable. We have several allergies in our family and the staff was completely accommodating.

I must share that I tested out my recently created Fall capsule wardrobe while in Charleston. And I'm totally pleased with the outfits I was able to put together with just a few pieces!

Sunset at Waterfront Park.

Our week in Charleston was pretty perfect. There was so much more to do than we had time for and we saw so much more than I included in this post. If Charleston isn't on your list of places to do, put it on there and move it to the top!


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Fall Minis • Melbourne Villiage Falls Minis 2017


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Elizabeth & Joshua • Birthday Session These two sweet ones hold a special place in my heart. Lizzie has such a kind heart and always wiling to help. She has grown into a darling three year old and I look forward to watching her life continue to unfold. Joshua turned one in August and has the sweetest personality. His smile is so adorably contagious. 

Make sure you scroll to bottom. I saved the best for last. Y'all, if only I could deny the fact that I, too, make that same face when cake is placed in front of me. Especially chocolate.

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Sebastian • First Birthday I had such a sweet time with Sebastian. He was full of giggles, snuggles, and enormous grins! It took some serious self-restraint not to gobble him up with those delicious cheeks!

Happy happy first birthday, Little Guy!

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Noel • First Birthday This little guy is complete joy. He absolutely adores the ocean, so it was fitting to do his first birthday session at the beach. He couldn't get enough of the sand and shells and had no hesitation about plunging into the tide! Happy Birthday, Sweet Noel! I hope your second year of life is as full of excitement as your first. 

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|Bell| Mommy & Me • Melbourne Field These two come to visit once a year and I always make sure to get them in front of my camera during their visit. It's only fitting that I blog this adorable session on Sophia's third birthday! There is something so special about photographing my best friend through her motherhood and her sweet daughter. I'm so thankful for our time together. 

Happy Birthday, Sweet Niece!

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Esther is Four • Melbourne This sweet ray of sunshine turned four in July! I always LOVE photographing her giant smile and fun personality. Happiest of birthdays, Esther!


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Burroughs Family • Ryckman Park This sweet boy will be making his debut any day now. He has three adoring and anxious big sisters who are awaiting his arrival (and I'm quite anxious to meet him, too)! This mama was a trooper. It was blazing hot, but she handled these pictures so well! I can't wait to get that little babe in front of my camera!

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