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What to Wear Guide

March 17, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

We love seeing what clients show up in for pictures. It's always so fun to see how their personalities come out in their outfits! 

After several requests, we've put together a blog post of "What to Wear" to your photo session. It is written from our own person perspectives and experiences. Our goal is to be helpful for you when you are trying to decide what to wear for your next session!

Dress Confidently: I absolutely adore this look, but what makes the look so gorgeous is the woman wearing it. This isn't an outfit you wouldn't find her in any other time. She wears heels regularly, so she was completely comfortable in them during the session, even in the sand and soft grass. She picked an outfit that she felt comfortable AND confident in. When picking an outfit for your session, pick shoes and clothes you know you will feel confident in!

Patterns: There are many ways to make patterns work. If you decide to incorporate patterns, pick one person to wear a pattern. Dress everyone else in complimentary solids.

Or don't afraid to mix prints, styles, and textures. Consider a dress with polka dots with a denim jacket and a striped top on someone else. You can inspirit a solid dress with textured tights or enhance a solid, plain t-shirt with colored or patterned suspenders (suspenders are ALWAYS a yes in my book).  From there, you could mix styles. As you begin to mix pieces, you can express the varying personalities of each family member. Let your photos express those personalities you'll forever want to remember.

Avoid Greens: If your session is outside near trees or vibrant green grass (like most of Florida), avoid wearing greens. Choose colors that will stand out against your green background. 

Think about your setting: For a family session, think about where you will be taking your photos. If you're at a park or in the woods, chances are you will be sitting down during part of the session. Wearing a formal gown may not be as appropriate in this setting as a pair of skinny jeans and a nice top. Your children may be more comfortable running around in flats rather than flip flops that fall off easily. If you're taking pictures downtown, you may choose to dress a bit more dressy-casual.

Primary Colors: I love a good primary color combination. A mix of blues, reds, and yellows look classic and timeless. We recently took family photos with a local photographer and stuck to this color scheme. I'm super pleased with how the colors look together.

Photo credit: Amanda McMahon Photography

Most importantly, have fun with it! These are YOUR family photos!



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